Michael J.A. Clark
Michael Clark is a professional software developer who creates high-quality products for startups in Cambridge, UK. Skills: C#, Java, PHP, XHTML, AS3, CSS, ML.


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Who is Michael Clark?

I develop software for Red Gate in Cambridge, UK. I have strong interests in software craftmanship and SOLID code. My strongest programming languages are C# and PHP but I will learn anything to get the job done.

Back in 2011, I graduated in Computer Science from Queens’ College, Cambridge. Since then I have been lucky enough to join great teams at Tuenti, Spiral Software and Kickstart Digital. This took my career from social networking to the oil industry, via fast-paced agency work.

Please stick around a while, read some of my articles and get in touch. Job wise, I am not looking for employment but you are welcome to read my technical CV for some background information.


Cooking is my favourite hobby. It is a pleasure to finally be able to eat some tasty dishes at home. I am a student of Rouxbe Cooking School and my current challenge is to complete the Professional Cook’s Certification Course over the next six months.

I am into food and have tried many Cambridge restaurants. My current to-do list is topped by Cotto, Restaurant 22 and Efes.


I created the Strength Level Calculator in 2007 to score people according to their bodyweights over the big lifts (squat/deadlift/bench). Back then I was very into weightlifting and going five times a week but these days it is more about keeping healthy.

Rowing was my primary sport at Cambridge. After a year and a half of training I made it into our first boat Queens’ M1 and together we achieved blades in Lent Bumps 2010, the highest accolade in Cambridge College Rowing.

Books of the day

Code Complete

A programming bible. If you want to know why one indentation style could be proven better than another, or the most logical way to name variables, read this book. Every programmer should read it once.

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Design Patterns

The indispensable companion to software craftsmanship. This book introduced design patterns over a decade ago and remains the standard text on the subject today.

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Thank you for reading. Please see my technical CV and visual portfolio.