Michael Clark
Michael Clark
Software Engineer at Redgate in Cambridge, UK.

About Michael

Accelerating ReadyRoll at Redgate (full time)

ReadyRoll is a better way to develop databases in Visual Studio. It provides developers using .NET with SQL Server an efficient, robust solution for delivering database changes.

I am excited about ReadyRoll because its workflow feels natural to a full-stack developer like myself. It keeps your team up-to-date, and has complete flexibility to support complex upgrade processes.

Before ReadyRoll, I worked on Redgate's DLM Dashboard. DLM Dashboard is a free tool that tracks your database schemas and alerts you when they change. We sprinkled some machine learning magic on it to make you smile.

Building Strength Level (part time)

Strength Level calculates your performance in compound exercises like bench press, deadlift and squat. Results range from beginner to elite and indicate athletic performance for men and women at different bodyweights.

In my spare time, I am actively developing the weightlifting calculation technology behind Strength Level with the goal of providing the most accurate strength standards available anywhere in the world. I write about this experience on Building Strength Level.

Writing about technology on Code Trade

I love to read about novel ways of representing and processing information. I have started to write down my ideas on Code Trade.

About Michael

I graduated with an MA in Computer Science from Queens' College, Cambridge. After that, I was lucky enough to join great teams at Tuenti, Spiral Software and Kickstart Digital. This took my career from social networking to the oil industry, via fast-paced agency work.

Please stick around a while, read some of my articles and get in touch. I am not actively looking for employment but you are welcome to read my technical CV.

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