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Michael Clark is a professional software developer who creates high-quality products for startups in Cambridge, UK. Skills: C#, Java, PHP, XHTML, AS3, CSS, ML.


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Queens’ May Ball 2009

A magical dreamscape of pleasure and decadence, the Queens’ May Ball was one the best events of my life. It was a wonderful evening with friends, full of the fun and happiness of post-exam relaxation.

Phillip Winter, a rowing friend from Michaelmas came over to England, he bought me GBKs and we spent most of the day with Sam and Julian punting and drinking varieties of ciders. We arrived at the ball a little late and consumed varieties of alcohol in the line.

After getting into the ball smartly dressed waiters began to offer us Oysters and Champagne. Looking round Old Court, beautifully decorated, there were varieties of tents offering food, drink and music. Instead of staying we continued to look round the ball. The next portion of the evening was spent gambling in an exquisitely decorated casino. I won big!

The boys share a cocktail
Gambling, with cocktails
Jane and I having a chat in the middle of the festivities
Jane and I
The hypnotist controls my suggestible friends
The hypnotist mutes his victim

Florence and the Machine played live to a packed Cambridge audience. Her music, attractive on Youtube, came to life with incredibly powerful vocals reverberating around the large marquee. I then danced with lovely Jane to a student jazz band and enjoyed varieties of cocktails with friends who came and went.

The evening ended with the survivor photo at 6:00 am and I spent a significant portion of the day in bed before saying goodbye to Phil.