Michael J.A. Clark
Michael Clark is a professional software developer who creates high-quality products for startups in Cambridge, UK. Skills: C#, Java, PHP, XHTML, AS3, CSS, ML.


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Strength Level Calculator — new Internet utility

Strength training has been one of my predominant passions for the past few months. It has always been difficult to track changes and ensure that I have been making real progress; because of this I have created a new Internet utility to measure strength levels. It is unfair to judge strength on the magnitude of weight lifted alone, or even as a ratio to bodyweight because people are built in different ways.

The strength ability calculator processes data on experience against bodyweight and weight lifted and calculates an experience level. These levels generally range from untrained (1) to elite (5). Of course the top professionals and world record holders exceed this range and some people may not reach untrained.

Testing some of the famous powerlifters, Konstantin Konstantinovs receives a healthy rating 8.49 for his massive 430 kg deadlift at 125 kg body mass; this is far better than Andy Bolton’s record breaking 460 kg deadlift at 160 kg bodyweight (rated at 7.97). One idea for the future is using my new rating system to create tables of powerlifters irrespective of bodyweight to find out who is truly the strongest person ever to have lived.