Michael Clark
Michael Clark
Software Engineer at Redgate in Cambridge, UK.

Tuenti Technologies

Conversion of Tuenti to YUI lazy-loading

Redevelopment of profile page

Client/server form unification

Original version of phone registration

Chat user interface and message parser

Friend list scrolling

Event attendance updates

Agency projects

JOHNSON'S® Gentle-O-Meter Flash advertisement

Users draw doodles onto a canvas

Gentleness is calculated using stroke metrics

Facebook activity sharer for the NHS Change4Life campaign

Mobile microsite for the Mini Countryman campaign

Tablet floorplan surveying software

Clone of Google Calendar for company intranet

Form framework for McAuthurGlen

Premier Media Group

Sitecore development for Premier Media Group

Mind & Soul mental health portal (Sitecore)

London-based Premier Christian Radio

Redevelopment of Christianity Magazine

Construction of a niche job-search portal

Side projects

PT OnDemand is a fitness portal that provides videos (Amazon CloudFront), workout tracking (jQuery) and articles

Web Manager for the popular Cambridge student paper (Lent 2010); assisted their redesign with concept drawings

Event advertising

Old versions of this website

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