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Michael Clark is a professional software developer who creates high-quality products for startups in Cambridge, UK. Skills: C#, Java, PHP, XHTML, AS3, CSS, ML.


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Deborah Jane (art portfolio)

Screenshot of the Deborah Jane homepage

A sophisticated artist-portfolio, Deborah Jane is the homepage for a talented young artist living in Aberystwyth, Wales. It contains all of the elements of an artist's portfolio including the Artists Statement and example work from three different artistic mediums. The page was enjoyable to design as it was an opportunity to explore typographic techniques and combine these with delightfully unique source images.

On the technical side: I used my small PHP class QuickSite in conjunction with mod_rewrite to create a clean http interface that makes sense to search engines. The simple PHP inclusion system caches dynamically generated HTML pages to generate a static website on-the-fly (processing internal links and images). This all happens incredibly fast and produces an efficient user interface.

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Premier Media Group

I worked as a full-time Web Developer for Premier Media Group from September 4, 2007, until August 6, 2008. During this time I worked on a variety of projects culminating in the coordination of the Mind & Soul project.

I formed a significant part of the development team and created the majority of the XSLT, XHTML and CSS behind the Premier Media Group websites. I also coded a large number of C# pages and had an influence on the design decisions. Roald Sinissaar was the lead designer on these projects.

Mind & Soul (visit)

Screenshot of the Mind & Soul homepage

Liased between Premier Media Group and Mind & Soul to rebrand the existing website under the Premier Media Group banner.

The site is written in C# using the Sitecore CMS and features custom RSS feeds, comments and feedback forms.

Premier Christian Radio (visit)

Screenshot of the Premier Christian Radio homepage

Coordinated the transfer of hundreds of pages of content from an old ColdFusion based system into the Sitecore CMS. Involved regular expression parsing to convert tangled HTML mess into simpler modern XHTML.

Created most of the Sitecore templates and sublayouts that power the site behind the scenes (excluding the login system) and hand-crafted JavaScript to power live players, dynamic content boxes and more.

Christianity Magazine (visit)

Screenshot of the Christianity Magazine homepage

Created an archive of magazine articles from 2000 to 2008, stored in the Sitecore CMS system. The articles were cleaned using C# and regular expressions to eliminate a substantial amount of obsolete HTML.

Registered users are allowed to the entire archive whereas guests can only see the latest magazine entry.

Jobsearch monitor (visit)

Screenshot of the Jobsearch monitor homepage

Took over development after a team member left. Inspected existing XSLT templates and upgraded all of them to ensure the application produced XML style markup and the menus worked in an intuitive way.

Additional contract work, summer 09

I spent a couple of weeks at Premier Media Group working with Sitecore and fixing a variety of problems with the Christianity Magazine website that have arisen over the last year. I spent some of the first week lending a critical eye to the state of the webpage and implemented new features for the rest of the time.

Mind & Soul also received some attention. I provided a solution to XSLT condensing explicit end tags and also removed spam comments. Note to self: do not allow comments with an empty message as various bots around the internet like to submit forms.

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Newnham College JCR

Screenshot of the Newnham JCR homepage

The Newnham College JCR website acts as a portal to every undergraduate at Newnham College, Cambridge. Ben Blume and I designed and developed the Drupal-based system that allows the JCR committee members to edit pages using their CRSid.

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One World Week 2009, Cambridge

Screenshot of the One World Week, Cambridge

One World Week 2009 aimed to burst the Cambridge bubble with an array of activities. I designed a simple homepage to inform people about One World Week and allow them to contact the event organisers.

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Strength Level Calculator

Screenshot of the Strength Level Calculator

The Strength Level Calculator is an interesting attempt to form a continuous distribution that represents the majority of individuals on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being untrained and 5 elite.

My central idea is that as your bodyweight affects your health, your strength level should be consistently high across all the main compound exercises. For a normal body type, a strength level of three indicates that you are strong and athletic. If the levels vary across the exercises it is a bad indicator: young lifters often overdevelop their chests without thought to their back or legs.

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